Made for a game jam with the theme "Enemies as Weapons", you play a spy at a dinner party.  Your job is to kill the Mark... without touching him.  Do you switch the dossier of an assassin?  Plant contraband to have it--and him--incinerated by the laser grid?  It's up to you!

I wrote three short pieces for this, each in the style of a jazz combo: the slow, ominous main menu theme, the bouncy gameplay theme, and the celebratory victory theme.


Kung Fu: Shadow Fist is a virtual reality brawler based on the old Nintendo/arcade games like Streets of Rage and Double Dragon.  Your mission, simply put, is to punch dudes until there are no more dudes to punch.


So far for this game, I've written a punchy synthwave menu theme which is currently used as background music for the demo.  As development continues and more levels are created, I'll be writing different themes for each of them.


Sanity Razor is a mech shooter game currently in development for the Oculus Rift.  You play a pilot fighting against eldritch beings in a potentially unsafe mech, with the ability to Link your mind into its systems and switch from a cockpit view to an FPS experience.


I've written a rhythmic, cello-heavy rock piece for this game so far, with more on the way.